My Abstract View

Solitude, oil on canvas, Nat Van

SOLITUDE, oil on canvas, NAT VAN

31 thoughts on “My Abstract View

  1. Nat, e’ bellissimo!!!!!! Mi rappresenta a pieno SOLITUDE hahahahahah!!! ti abbraccio forte.
    p.s. per il quando ritorno, voglio un tuo quadro tutto x me!

  2. … è bellissimo! Scommetto che la figura bianca al centro del dipinto sei tu persa dinanzi ad un paesaggio esotico e bellissimo … secondo me oltre alla solitudine fa anche molto Seychelles :-). Comunque complimenti. A presto

  3. This is rather good. (I used to, still occaionally do, work as an art critic) Like your other readers I also enjoyed the colours, and the strong, confident handling of the paint. Well done, keep painting !

    • Thank you so much Arran for your words. Oh well, I want to know all your critics about my paintings. I’m so curious about the different point of views and interpretations…Soon I’ll post my new painting, but the next one will be about fashion!!!

      Have a great day,


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