Reta2: New Hair Colour Concept

Is a revolutionary hair colour concept, a new way to colour the hair that bring three-dimentional relief to the straight hair. Colours that reflect the reality inspired in textures like scales, linen, padded leather, knit wool, crystals and willow…Check it out!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

รˆ un concetto rivoluzionario di hair colour, un nuovo modo di colorare i capelli che consiste in un rilievo tri-dimensionale adatto per una chioma liscia. I colori che riflettono la realtร  sono ispirati a textures come scale, lino, pelle imbottita, maglia di lana, cristalli e salice…Date un’occhiata!!! ๐Ÿ™‚









Hair & colour: X-presion
Artistic collaboration: Javier Reta
Photography & video: Gustavo Lopez Maรฑas
Styling: Oscar Morales
Make-up: Yurema Villa
Music: Daniel Higueruela

9 thoughts on “Reta2: New Hair Colour Concept

  1. Wow!! I wish I had straight hair to try something different and original. Maybe in another life for me… Nice post, Nat!

  2. I would!!! I have always had the same hair cut and the same hair colour all my life so, if I had straight hair, I would definetively try something new. Muah!

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