Asian Couture Week/Lie Sang Bong S/S2013

Lie Sang Bong (Korean fashion designer) shows a mix of Eastern and Western influences with butterflies & houndstooth prints in his first ‘couture’ collection at the opening night of Asian Couture Fashion Week in Bangkok (September 27, 2012).

“I imagine that each butterfly on this dress represents somebody’s dream and also my own”. Lie Sang Bong

Lie Sang Bong (fashion designer coreano) presenta un mix di influenze orientali e occidentali con farfalle e stampe pied de poule per la sua prima ‘couture’ collection alla serata di apertura dell’Asian Couture Fashion Week a Bangkok (27 settembre 2012).

“Immagino che ogni farfalla su questo vestito rappresenti il sogno di qualcuno e anche la mio”. Lie Sang Bong

8 thoughts on “Asian Couture Week/Lie Sang Bong S/S2013

    • Thank you 🙂 I really like the image of a butterfly as a dream!!

      Thanks for following me on FB too, but where else I can follow you?^_^ On FB I have not found your page …

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