Fashion in the digital surrealism

It’s 4 in the afternoon and I’m going to enjoy my last Guylian chocolate (brought on purpose for me to R. from Belgium :D). Meanwhile browsing on the internet looking for something that particularly attract my attention, something special that can inspire you and inspire me in this gray November day, I come across an amazing series of three “moving still portrait sculptures”, I come across in the world of digital surrealism!

I was shocked, intrigued and at the end it won me over! Here is one of the works of Zeitguised studio…

Sono le 4 del pomeriggio e sto per gustare il mio ultimo cioccolatino Guylian (portato apposta per me da R. dal Belgio :D). Nel frattempo, navigando su Internet, alla ricerca di qualcosa che particolarmente attiri la mia attenzione, qualcosa di speciale che può ispirare voi e me in questa grigia giornata di novembre, mi imbatto in una serie di “sculture ritratto in movimento”, mi imbatto nel mondo del surrealismo digitale!

Mi ha turbato, incuriosito e alla fine mi ha conquistato! Ecco uno dei lavori dello studio ZEITGUISED…

A collaboration of ZEITGUISED with Berlin fashion label Franzius and ProdCo Stink Berlin.

ZEITGUISED is a studio for invention, imagination, conception and engineering of spatial graphics and visual art. It was founded in 2001 by Jamie Raap and Henrik Mauler.

ZEITGUISED è uno studio per l’invenzione, l’immaginazione, l’ideazione e progettazione di elementi grafici spaziali e arti visive. E’stato fondato nel 2001 da Jamie Raap e Henrik Mauler.

7 thoughts on “Fashion in the digital surrealism

  1. It is probably a phenomenal work from a technical and creative point of view. Nonetheless it makes me feel very unconfortable…. Thanks for sharing anyway. It’s always good to open our eyes on new things 🙂
    Have a great day,
    Anne (Playing With Scarves)

    • In fact it’s a little bit scary, however its particular creativity intrigued me a lot. The Zeitguised studio also did works for MTV, certainly more colorful and funny!! 🙂

      Thank you for your comment, I appreciate it ^_^


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