A Fashion Icon, Daphne Guinness.

She is not a conformist and she just follow her instinct. She was the first to wear Alexander McQueen’s Armadillo shoes in public!

Non è una conformista e segue semplicemente il suo istinto. E’ stata la prima a indossare le Armadillo shoes di Alexander McQueen in società!

“Not judge” / “Non giudicare” (vogue.it)

Eccentric and daring as her style is her NYC apartment: there’s a modern day hall of mirrors complete with red carpet to be walked every time you enter or exit the apartment. The interior designer is Daniel Romualdez.

Here some pics!

Eccentrico e audace come il suo stile è il suo appartamento di NYC: c’è una hall moderna di specchi completata da red carpet per essere percorsa ogni volta che si entra o si esce dall’appartamento. L’interior designer è Daniel Romualdez.

Ecco alcune foto!

Photos: architecturaldigest.com

8 thoughts on “A Fashion Icon, Daphne Guinness.

  1. Prego! 🙂
    She is incredible, I adore her too. I’m so happy that you like my post, thank you for stopping by !!!

    Which photo is your favorite? Of course she is beautiful in all the photos, but I really like the third one, she is so classy!!

    Ciao ^_^

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